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  • Can I bring food and drink aboard?
    You may! We welcome any snacks or beverages to enhance your experience!
  • What happens if there is bad weather?
    Because we don't want to preemptively cancel charters, we will continue to watch the weather in the days and hours before the scheduled departure time. If we can't make a decision within 6 hours of the charter, we will begin to contact you via cell phone as arrangements are made.
  • Can I bring more than 6 guests?
    While we generally only accomodate 6 guests at a time, special exceptions can be made in certain situations, please email for more information
  • Can we sail for longer than 3 hours?
    As long as there are no charters booked in the other time slot of the date in question, we can accomodate longer cruises. Please email to make these special requests
  • Will there be other families/guests onboard?
    No, your cruise is private, no matter how many guests. We don't fill the boat.
  • Tell me some more about the business
    Phil and Victor (father and son) started this business in the summer of 2020. Thanks to Phil's 40+ of local sailing expierence and Victor's interest in marketing, a company was born.
  • I have a suggestion for the website/marketing or the charters. Where can I submit that?
    We love to hear from you. Please email with your valued suggestions.
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